How To Utilize LinkedIn Massively For Career & Business Growth

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For Jobseekers, you'll learn:

  • how to jobhunt, transit and successfully land your dream job using LinkedIn 
  • how to build a global professional online network for career development using LinkedIn 
  • how to maximize the full potentials of LinkedIn in building side businesses as content writer and page managers on LinkedIn 

For business people and freelancers, you'll learn:

  • how to social sell and build clients from any part of the world using LinkedIn.
  • how to build a strong social currency and online reputation needed to close deals swiftly using LinkedIn 
  • how to create and manage LinkedIn pages for online business visibility and lead generation.

About The Creator

Faith Nwaobia is Social Selling Consultant and LinkedIn Brand Strategist and a Career Coach. 

He consults for various international companies including IM2D Systems and IS-3.Org both US based online and offline branding companies.

He is also an affiliate consultant with Execus international, an international Social Selling Consulting firm based in Milan, Italy. 

He's equally an Executive Career Coach and the Country Manager with Marleq, an international career coaching and recruitment company based in Montenegro

Faith is a LinkedIn Ambassador that teaches the secrets of LinkedIn optimization techniques to all professionals on how to build a global network for career and business opportunities.

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