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The LinkedIn Local is an offline social networking event of LinkedIn- a social networking platform that brings professionals from across the globe. ; It’s hosted in major cities. In Nigeria, it has been hosted in Lagos and now in Port Harcourt for all professionals.

LinkedIn Local is organized for various professionals and business leaders to integrate and build mutual relationships for both business and career opportunities.

It is designed primarily to promote professional networking among people of different backgrounds and interests to form a community of people with a common goal of maximizing individual career and business opportunities. It is equally designed to help businesses expand their market outreach globally while maximizing opportunities locally.

As you would agree that globalization has distorted the narratives of human interaction and of work life. Today, people need not be in the same continent to work and do business together and one mustn’t live in the same country with his or her employer and (or) employee.

What this means is that in today’s professional world, distant isn’t a barrier to how much an individual can explore.

This is more evidenced in the recent trend of the future of work which is today a combination of individual social reputation and digital skill. This means that an individual's social net worth and social currency are the key values that will dominate the future of work for all professionals.

The LinkedIn community understands this trend and has designed the LinkedIn local to be an event for all professionals in both private and public sectors to come together periodically to share knowledge, ideas and promote communal living among participants.

During LinkedIn Local events, participants are exposed to recent career and business trends and prospects as industry experienced speakers take time to educate participants on growing global issues as it affects career and business opportunities.

This event holds in Port Harcourt, with the theme “Building a global professional network.” It promises to bring together professionals especially within the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria who will go on to build quality professional relationships for career development and for business expansion within and outside the region.

What makes it unique?


It is the first of its kind in Niger Delta. It has been successfully organized in Lagos and it would be a disservice to the Niger Deltas not to organize it here.

It is the biggest professional gathering of business leaders, HR Specialists, Recruiters, and other professionals in Niger Delta.

Who should participate?

All professionals in the Oil and Gas Industry, financial industry, telecommunications and media industry, maritime industry, public and, private practicing professionals and service providers.

Speakers will speak on global issues in business and career development to bring participants to speed on the trends in global business and career development.

Our speakers are drawn from different sectors with proven industry experience and global business awareness to reflect the business climate of Niger Delta.

We are also collaborating with the international community to send in a keynote speaker to share knowledge from the international perceptive.

No doubt, the LinkedIn Local event which will hold in Port Harcourt would bring amazing and lasting success stories as it is expected to be a regular event that will foster professional network building.


The LinkedIn Local is an offline social networking event of LinkedIn- a social networking platform that brings professionals from across the globe.

LinkedIn Local Port Harcourt is therefore the biggest social networking event in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria. It is organized to integrate and build mutual relationships for both business and career opportunities.

The gathering provides opportunity for professionals of all classes and age to meet and share knowledge as well as expand their professional network.

The event is open to the general public particularly to all people working and doing business in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.


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As a professional, you will have the opportunity to develop professional network, learn how to transit effectively to new jobs and understand how to match up with the future of work trends by leveraging on LinkedIn and your professional network.

As an individual JOBSEEKER, you will have the opportunity to build professional relationships for job referrals and recommendations, understand how to job hunt in this digital era, CREATE persuasive online resume, develop professional personal branding and learn how to get headhunted by recruiters.

As an individual RECRUITER and HR PRACTITIONER, you will have the opportunity to access candidates from various backgrounds and industries for possible job placements, and new trends of hiring within the digital space and in line with the future of work, as well as career coaching and mentorship opportunities from various professionals

As an individual Freelancer, you will have the opportunity to connect with potential clients within and outside of the Niger Delta Region, as well to join the newly created community of Niger delta freelancers.

To participate in this event you will be registered as either a REGULAR or VIP Participant

VIP Participants

₦10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira Only)

Early Bird Registration

15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira Only)

Late registration

  • VIP exclusive seat
  • VIP exclusive refreshment
  • Receive the registration kit
  • Participate in all open panel discussions.
  • Receive copy of LinkedIn guide book
  • Separate session with key speakers.
  • Opportunity to make a short presentation if necessary

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Why Sponsor?

As a sponsor of this event, you have amazing benefits, including

Opportunity to nominate some of your staff to participate in the event depending on the class of sponsorship taken.

Free training programs on key employee performance and professional branding after the exercise. See details in the sponsorship pack.

Opportunity for businesses to grow your market globally and locally with shared knowledge and
support from a community of like minds.

Opportunities to be showcased in all our printing materials including; brochures branded T-Shirt, notepads and on our social media handles. See details in the sponsorship categories.

Opportunity to expand your market and business globally and connect with prospective clients and create a robust business network.

Opportunity to showcase your brand locally and internationally to your prospective clients.

Opportunity to create social identity to the public as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Post event free training for your staff geared towards performance improvement cutting across social selling skills and emotional intelligence.

Sponsorship is available in forms of in-kind donation of product or service and in cash donations which will cover the cost of venue, logistics, advertisement, care of speakers and attendees. 

We have designed packages at different levels all of which have been prepared to ensure that partnership is mutually beneficial and can also be customized if necessary to fit your organization’s participating needs.


700,000 (Seven Hundred Naira Only)

  • 10 participant’s slots (4 VIPs and 6 Regulars)
  • Staff training on Emotional Intelligence
  • Staff training on Social Selling
  • Placement of Logo on back cover of notepad
  • Placement of Logo on event banner backdrop
  • Placement of Logo on website
  • Placement of Logo on marketing Ads on social media and media houses (Radio)
  • Placement of promotional materials on tabletops
  • Placement of Logo on screens between presentation and breaks
  • Placement of Logo on the leaflet of the notepad
  • Public acknowledgment from event organizers

₦200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Naira)

  • 4 participant’s slots (1 VIPs and 3 Regulars)
  • Placement of Logo on event banner backdrop
  • Placement of Logo on website
  • Placement of Logo on marketing Ads (social media)
  • Placement of promotional materials on tabletops

Date: 20th June, 2020

Time: 9am Prompt

Venue: To be disclosed to particpants

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